Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Wandering of the Lost Soul by prom_princess08 :: synopsis
Julia, just died. But she's been going from a door to another, to watch what HAPPENED and what was HAPPENING to the world she left. She was to finish her business and maybe, find true love after all, despite death trying to block her way.

Wanted: Kuya...? by syjoy
War & Peace by biancarnation :: synopsis
This is a hate relationship. She hates him. He hates her. Or do they?

We Were There by insanelyimmature :: synopsis
We were there, happy and in love. Anong nang yari? Naging masaya ka ba talaga when you were with me?

Welcome to the Real World by ella.ella.ella :: synopsis
Every person has a lifestyle. And of course. Whether they like it or not, Their worlds will collide with each other. So join me in seeing their worlds. Xoxo, QueenGossiper.

What Are The Odds? by bien_021
WHATEVER IT TAKES: My One And Only Star by snoobiish.honiibear :: synopsis
What does it really take to win the heart of the man you truly love?

When EAST Meets WEST by jazsmiine02 :: synopsis
When a LIBERATED girl meets a CONSERVATIVE guy.

When I Found My Match by Lee-chan Kim :: synopsis
When everything else seems to turn against you, an angel suddenly appears.

When I Met You by twinkee
When You and I Collide by swiftie
When Zeus Cut Us In Half by margaret17
Whirlwind Relationship by xannix28
Whoever Falls In Love First, Loses by anji07
Who's Got the Pain by fleetygirl :: synopsis
Sino ang mas nasaktan? Si nang-iwan? O si Iniwanan?

Will You Wait For Me by [[cza.chi21]] :: synopsis
She loves him. He loves her. They were madly in love with each other. Everything was just so perfect and everyone thought it would be a happy ending but all vanished when she left him. Will he still follow her for the sake of love? Or will he just look for someone else?

Wishes do come true by junachoopxz
Womanizer by hershee 18
Writer's Block!!! You Kill Me!!! by johnny_madrid :: synopsis
Blue-collar workingman and part time student Moses goes through his life while writing on the side. He encounters writer's block, and writes down writing tips to get through writer's block. His supporting cast is comprised of uniquely named individuals in which a mystery develops.

Writing Tips by Posertibo :: synopsis
Reality in writing a story