Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Kada InLove by jhz1827
Karma by cupiD_Love469 :: synopsis
KARMA is but a word, til the day I met him. He brought me to a world I thought would only exist in movies.

Keeping my Love by sato.rawr :: synopsis
They both kept their love, and loved the wrong person.

Kim Sun Ye is Dead by valentinegirl_03 :: synopsis
This is a story of a girl who doesn't know where she really lives. In real or in lies? In perfect or in disaster?And another question is, does L.O.V.E. comes her way? This is a STORY of LIFE not JUST LOVE.

Kiss The Girl by CIAM :: synopsis
I was KISSED while sleeping in a bookstore. And there are FOUR suspects. The MVP of the basketball team, The mysterious guy, The Friend ng Bayan and The Good looking Nerd. Who kissed me? Who's the CULPRIT?

Korning Love Letter by nyangcat
Kunwari Lang Pala by ella.ella.ella