Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I Am Caught Between Goodbye and I Love You by imme
I am 'Maid' to your heart by Ramona
I Am The Other Girl by yanyan7192
I Courted Him by prom_princess08 :: synopsis
Alex, the teenage hilarious rebel, finally decided to court the man of his dreams, a very reserved, busy, and HOT guy, Drew.

I Hate My Future Wife by itstrish
I Hate You But I Love You by safers
I Kissed a Jerk by itsjiezelm :: synopsis
One night, Agatha was asked to kiss a stranger in a bar for an exchange of a favor. She didn't want to do it but she had no choice. Then, unexpectedly.. the guy she kissed began to like her since that night.

I Love You Kuya by roreyn :: synopsis
A story of a typical girl with a not so typical love problem. add up with her friends' love stories and you'll get a rollercoaster ride of your life with the cast and character of the story.

I Meant It When I Said "I do." by sheisinlove :: synopsis
A love story that failed to have a happy ever after. Both of them thought it will end that way. Until they learned they have been engaged a long, long time ago. May pag-asa bang mabuo ulit ang pag-ibig nila sa isa’t isa? May ‘happy ever after’ nga ba para sa love story nila?

I Never Thought by angelyka :: synopsis
Ang pagsasabi ba ng nararamdaman kong pag-ibig sa kanya ay sapat na upang aking isapalaran ang amin pagkakaibigan?

I Surrender by Ravishing Princess
I Wanted You by rizzabisbal
I Wish I Was What You Wanted by kakakaraa
I'll Always Love You by tinbloostar :: synopsis
A story of untold love story about being in love, family, friendship and self.

I'm a Hopeless Mother by jantastic :: synopsis
Alicia Rosales got pregnant by the love of her life who just decided to hook up with her sister.
Will she still find her happily ever after despite the big bulge on her tummy?

I'm a Man-Hater Right? by devil_jazmin
I'm Falling 4 Mr. BAD GUY.. Will he catch me? by purple_teenprincess
I'm Just an INVISIBLE EXTRA...or WAS by inlovewithromance:: synopsis
"In a big motion picture, para lang akong isang extra, kung saan ang buhay ay hindi importante sa main plot." Ako si Janiella Celene Pereja, a supposed "invisible extra", and I was perfectly happy with that. But, that all changed nung napasok siya sa buhay ko. He just had to drag me to his world of riches and popularity. And he just had to make me feel like this.

Idiocy by animechan :: synopsis
Let see how far you can go for a person..
How far your insanity towards a person can take you..
How far your idiocy can take you?
but maybe your idiocy can make HIM fall for you

Ikaw Lang Talaga by Inevitable.
Impossible by swissheiress
In Love With A Suicider by tsubasa14
Infatuation Sucks! by devoutcrucifix_32
Invisible by iamcookiemonster
Isang Linggong Pag-ibig by phantomknight
It Started With A Dare by michellx0x
It Started With A Text by callmecookie
It's Complicated by sammie019
It's You and I Forever by isalicious :: synopsis
Sequel to IWABY; last in the trilogy series.