Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Mahal Kita by el_fabolousa. :: synopsis
What would happen to Kendra's (main character)? Would she get the boy she had always loved? Read my story to find out!

Maldita Syndrome by michellex0x
Man On A Mission by untamed77angel :: synopsis
She only wanted to make a change and create her own name apart from her father’s shadows… but destiny had other plans for her. In her search for happiness, she ended up being pursued as a result. And they want her dead.

Manhater & Womanizer by Ohnana.
May Toyo Ang Utak Ko by yourshalalove :: synopsis
First book ng TL Ako Sa'Yo.
Ito ay tungkol sa isang natotoyong tutor na hindi makapaniwalang nahulog siya sa isang maldita.

Me and My Boy Toy?! by sQuirreL_tObeee
Meet Me Halfway by Czaaa
Meeting You Was Fate by candygirl10795
Melissa Corpus: Little Miss Obsessive by +kCee+ :: synopsis
Melissa is the chill, non-boy crazy, college-hating type. Well, up until she met Rick. The handsome and sweet guy from her Communication class. A story about secret crushes, college, cute classmates, and unmet expectations.

Message Sent ✓ by deerekimberly
Miracle on 28th Street by zsuzarg :: synopsis
What would you do if you have the chance to be with the one you love?
But what if, that chance is only because of a stupid game?
Would you still continue to play his game even if it breaks your heart to know that it could end anytime?
Sometimes, in love----miracles do happen. In their own time.

Miss Gang Leader by CIAM :: synopsis
Ang alam ko laging lalaki ang Gang Leader.. Pero kakaiba SIYA.. She change my opinion about gangs.. She changed me.. Miss Gang Leader changed everything about me..

Missing Pieces Equals 1 by paybwanseben
Mistaken Identity by janaBEB :: synopsis
What if you’ve been mistaken by someone who you are not?
Then all of those people accuse you into something you didn't do and a guy, fall in love with you coz you resemble his First Love. Will you pretend to be like her or stand on what you really are?

Mister Taken by kamillexxx :: synopsis
He's clearly taken. But some other girl took him away.

Ms. Friendly and the Aloof Guy by itspuppylove :: synopsis
Reika is a sweet and friendly girl to all ,except to Warren. When she's with him, she becomes the total opposite of herself. The worst part is when Warren asked her to teach him how to be sweet and caring in exchange of what he did to help her. Can she survive having him around her all the time? Can she accept him enough to let herself fall for him?

Ms. Perfect Meets Mr. Bad Guy by ~eenlieangadhe~
MU: What I Really Wanted by artJG_xiv :: synopsis
Ano ang naiisip mo kapag naririnig mo ang salitang MU? Naranasan mo na ba magkaroon ng ka-MU? ka-fling? Naranasan mo na bang masaktan dahil alam mo na wala kang karapatan kasi kailanman hindi nagkaroon ng "KAYO" kahit sobra mo na siyang mahal. TO all who has been involved into a Pseudo-relationship o ang tinatawag nating MU, this love story is for you guys. =)

Music of Our Hearts: Out Of My League by aishiteruhachi
My Beautiful Stranger by uniquechic029 :: synopsis
Rich Girl-Secret Agent Love Story (narrated in english)

My Best Friend is My Best Rival by xannix28
My Biggest Mistake by yancadx_23
My Cinderella Story by purple_teenprincess
My Cupido by yahk06 :: synopsis
She wished to see Cupid to ask for help about her lovelife. Would she see Cupid? Would Cupid help her?

My Fantasy is My Bestfriend's Fantasy Too by mysteriousgurl16
My Fictional Life by JaneF17 :: synopsis
Here is the Fictional Life story of Yuri Syrene Gonzales. A story that is far from her imaginations. Where her bestfriend's daughter ask her why she and her boyfriend broke up. "For you to have someone to call dad..." that's how she answer the kid.

My First Love by IBleedAureate :: synopsis
Like an old photograph, time can make a feeling fade. But the memories of a first love, never goes away..

Read more:,198350.510.html#ixzz1rmWUzFv6

My First True Love by sarza25 :: synopsis
Enter the world of love, compassion, and hate.

My Girlfriend is A Vampire by obelisk_0007 :: synopsis
Nerdy girl Rina may seem just an ordinary person, but she is actually a VAMPIRE! She's also crazy about a guy named Khael. Read the adventures [and heartbreak] of this crazy little vampire in My Girlfriend Is A Vampire!

My Guillotine by Posertibo :: synopsis
A story of a antagonist, Is she happy with her Guillotine? Or She's gonna find a love at a unexpected moment?

My Little Orphan by Serenity27
My Love Chance by aishiteruhachi
My Missing Piece by strawberry008
My Mystery Guy by prettyjenna14 :: synopsis
It's all bout a girl named Yami na nain-love sa kanya kapwa online gamer.

My One and Only by -minorin-
My Pink Bicycle by yhukie
My Playboy Prince by *Miel* :: synopsis
This is a story about a playboy who learned to tell his princess what he really felt. A story of a princess who learned to trust her prince. A story of a boy who taught his princess how to trust her feelings again. A story of a boy who put a light in two different princesses' lives. Three different story connected by destiny. Will the prince have the princess their dreaming?

My Sister's Diary by sato.rawr :: synopsis
If falling inlove would be the case.. I'm on it. Can Revenge heal every heart?

My Super Boyfriend by sQuirreL_tObee :: synopsis
It was Sami's 18th Birthday--naka-receive siya ng package mula sa tita niya as a gift. Pagbukas niya BOOM! May instant Super Boyfriend na siya. Gugustuhin niya ba o hindi? Lalo na't isa pala siyang lesbo. =_=

My SuperHEROINE by .ixe.02
My Ten Weeks With You by dreamer07 :: synopsis
Minsan, kahit gaano mo pa kamahal ang isang tao
Darating ang panahon na isusuko mo rin siya
Wala ka nang magagawa kundi bitawan at kalimutan siya

My Trip to the Philippines by ianne11 :: synopsis
Stefanie Hernandez is a cold-hearted, self-centered girl who always dream of going to Italy. She's supposed to be going to Italy but found herself stuck in her mother's homeland, the Philippines. What will happen to her? Will she be able to get a chance to Italy or will it be just A DREAM?

My Ultimate Boyfriend by CorrectionFluid :: synopsis
Ang mahiwagang tanong:
"A" or "Z" ?!
"A" kasi .. yun ang beginning.
"Z" kasi .. yun ang ending.
P.S. Mali pala, si Agent X44 na lang!

My Unfortunate Life by Ramona :: synopsis
In this world, there are really PEOPLE who are UNFORTUNATE. I think I’m one of them. Sad to say my name doesn’t fit being UNLUCKY. My name is FORTUNE but my life is full of UNFORTUNATE trials and adventures. Will I be lucky, just once in my life? I’m inviting you to read my story, to found out if I can be FORTUNATE.

My Unnoticed Love by Eliryx05 :: synopsis
We always run after the one we love but we never tried to look back to the one running after us.

My Untitled Story by meow meow
My Wicked Girl by annie_chris27 :: synopsis
Nakaranas ka na bang mainlove sa taong malayong malayo sa ideal girl/boy mo?!
Pwes ako .... OO!