Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Camera by dkdc :: synopsis
This is a story of a girl who keeps a big secret: She's a famous singer, but shows up to be very average to hide her super identity. Everything's fine, until she meets her co-star on his school tour in her school, who turns out to be annoying.

Calling You by aning! :: synopsis
One love. Two people. A hundred phone calls and reasons to stay away from each other.

Can You Keep A Secret? by OtakuGurL :: synopsis
AC, an artist, who was disguising herself as a nerd. What would be her life if her secret was revealed?

Can't Stop, Won't Stop by akoposidaph
Carlieylle Academy by ilabtsokoleyt
CATCH ME by itsJiezelm :: synopsis
If only he sees me the way I see him, I'll be the luckiest girl in the world...

Change by ella.ella.ella
Change of Heart by vermouth :: synopsis
The strong became weak, the genius became stupid, the brave became a coward; it happens because of one thing: they fall in LOVE. Love can change all. But the question is, are those changes that will happen better or worst?

Chasing Cat and Mouse by CorrectionFluid :: synopsis
Sino ang PUSA?
Sino ang DAGA?
Sa habulan ng Pagibig ...
Sino ang unang manginginig?

Chasing Miss Perfect by kymshie
Cheater vs. Man-hater by Czaaa
Cheater's Heart by iamwhoiammonica :: synopsis
"She's my enemy but something change and that something make me fall to her"

Cherish You by mistress14 :: synopsis
Si Serah Cristobal ay isang Christian Girl. She has a strong faith towards Jesus Christ. Pero isang araw may pagsubok na dumating sa buhay niya. Will she stay strong or not?

Chimes by risque :: synopsis
Emily Maven is capital D-E-A-D, or at least that’s what the Grim Reaper tells her. Thing is, she has no idea why, how, and whodunit. Will she put the pieces together and be finally whisked to heaven—or hell (probably hell)—or will she be forever stuck in limbo?

Complicated Love Life by dumbprincess
Confessions of a True Blue Nerd by CorrectionFluid :: synopsis
Handa na ata akong talikuran ang lahat ... Iaalay ko sa kanya ang mga meteors sa buong kalangitan Ibibigay ko sa kanya lahat ng pating sa buong karagatan Ireregalo ko sa kanya pati asteroids sa buong kalawakan Tatawirin ko agad pati na lahat ng lupain at kabundukan .. Malaman ko lang ang kanyang pangalan. <3

Could It Be: Your First is not Always Your Last? by ayanne
Created For Him by ^^niel20 :: synopsis
Maaga akong namulat sa katotohanang si Caspian ang magiging asawa ko. I will be train to be the perfect wife for him.

Crossing the Bridge by clodsstarrr
Crossroads by farzymae12_lp