Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Sampung Araw by chinchin12 :: synopsis
Kung sampung araw lang ang meron ka para bawiin ang taong pinakamamahal mo, anong gagawin mo?

Searching For Her Happiness by peterpan4ever
Second Place by sheet face :: synopsis
Lagi na lang siya ang First Place. Una sa lahat. At ako naman lagi na lang akong Second Place. Pangalawa sa lahat. Kailan naman mangyayari na ako ang Number ONE?

Secret ♫Song♫ Writer by ellejane3
Secretly InLove by kmvm02
Secretly Inlove with my Bestfriend by itsizza
Series of Fortunate Events by ella.ella.ella
She was cool too by aning!
She Will be Loved by thepaupersprincess
Shhcrets!! by sweetfun
Sidewalk by Eyo. :: synopsis
Love is never planned... It just happens.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered by untamed77angel
Speak Now by raice03
STAR ^^ ★ by zaitwish
Star-crossed by devil_jazmin
Started with a Fight but Ended on Love by Supergirl08 :: synopsis
A two person with a hatred with one another , but as days goes by would they still feel that hatred between the two of them? or start a new chapter by LOVING each other?

Status: It's Complicated by iWish2ne6
Status: Wishing, Waiting, Hoping by crostichan
Stereo Hearts by sQuirreL_tObee :: synopsis
An oh-so-hot fashion design student entering an all-boys rugged rock band? Possible? Yes. How? Read and rock on \m/

Still Waiting by Ohnana.
Stop, look and LISTEN TO YOUR HEART by marry_me
Straightjacket Feeling by Achtung, baby!
Strangers by callmecookie
Stranger Match-up by fuyu_reiko :: synopsis
Psyche has everything anyone could ever ask for in life... she's rich, popular, pretty and everybody likes her. but her father wants her to marry this certain Ethan Renzell Cervantes and just to make his father change his mind, she ran away from home. and because of an unfortunate incident, she found herself in a house with an incredibly annoying and dominating guy as his maid! how could a princess survive as a housemaid with an incredibly conceited but totally hot boss to deal with?

Stuck In His Heart by louj_rose
Stupid[Diaries] by obliviousdarkangel :: synopsis
An orginal story based on true-to-life love story of Obliviousdarkangel

Suddenly I Fall by gummylove
Summer Job by jjaz
Sun vs. Rain by ianne11
Sweet Bitter Gourd by elleellirama
Sweet Misery || What If? by theangeloo :: synopsis
The sweetness of a person will hurt you,
when you assume it's love. According to the rule:

Sweet September by CHAOTICGAL
Sweet Serendipity by bluePetaLblooms:: synopsis
What will happen... when the BULLDOG meets the BIBE?

Sweetest Downfall by bbyng101
Switch: Give it a Try by writerWannaBe :: synopsis
Paano kung biglang magbago ang ikot ng mundo?
Paano kung biglang magbago yung ihip ng hangin?
Paano kung yung taong nasa tabi mo mahulog sa'yo?

Switch: Lights on for this Love Story by writerWannaBe :: synopsis
It's when a person accidentally turned to be someone's everything. Alert! Alert!
This is a not-so-exciting love story where a boy meets a girl, and after a very short period of time ...

Switched by Wished by swelling eyes :: synopsis
Sounds like Romeo and Juliet, right?
But of course not because technically, they're siblings.
Specifically twins.

Symphonies and Melodies of a Black Angel by farzymae12_lp :: synopsis
You use your heart on both love and music.

Ano ang mangyayari kung nag-aaral ka sa isang music school, tapos lahat ng mga tao doon ay music geek, tapos may isang student na alam mong may talent pero itinatago nya? Tutulungan mo ba sya? What if along the process na tinutulungan mo syang ilabas ang galing nya ay ma in love ka sa kanya?...

Synchronized Love by jmjana10 :: synopsis
Two Different people meet in the same place at the right time and become ONE. What would be the result?