Wednesday, February 25, 2009


T.L True Love by camziey :: synopsis
story na hindi lang magpapakilig, magpapatawa, magpapaluha, magpapainis, magugustuhan ng mga readers..kundi kapupulutan din ng aral sa life...

Tagay! by sheiny :: synopsis
“Like father, like daughter,” yan ang motto ni Ashley Maurirat. Lasenggo ang ama nya kaya naman, may pagka- lasengga rin sya ng slight, na lalo nyang napatunayan nang masawi sya sa pag- ibig. Mauwi kaya sa nakakakilig na buhay pag- ibig ang TAGAY na alok nya kay Cody? NOTE: First Love Really Never Dies.

Taking Over Destiny's Job by ilabtsokoleyt :: synopsis
When she felt that destiny has made life stories too long, she thought to herself that she could do the job better. Destiny heard her and decided to give her the chance to be destiny. And the the story begins to unfold.

Tale of a Bloodstained Tree by FadedPhotos
Talo Bingi by strawberry008
Tanga na kung Tanga, Pero Mahal Kita! by DayannaRayanna
Tayong Tatlo by MhAe06saiZ :: synopsis
…Ika nga sa teleseryeng “Tayong Dalawa”, sa pag-ibig na para lamang sa isa hindi pwedeng Tayong Dalawa. TEKA?! Kung dalawa nga hindi pwede eh… Pano pa kaya pag…
Tayong Tatlo.

Teach Me by herbiepaige
Tears of Angel by BlackLily
The 49th Day by Kristen_bell :: synopsis
Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. May mga bagay lang talaga na hindi para saatin. Ngunit ang pamamaalam ay nangangahulugan na may bagong tao na may mas mag-aalaga para satin.

The Academy by cheerie_bliss :: synopsis
A world known to all but allowed to few... For in this world of the Elites, Power, Fame and Money are all that matter. So to speak...
Everything is in extreme dominance of power and control... but one day, someone returned... to unmask the rotten reality the Council of the Academy is hiding... she will come, and the one who killed him shall pay.

The Antonym of Every Man's Dream by
The Bachelor by patrickstar_05
The Best I Ever Had by jashasoriano
The Blog Of A Loose, Promiscuous, Martyr Girl by ungaw
The Blogger by kakakaraa :: synopsis
Everybody wants to be somebody.

Everybody wants to make a difference.

Everybody wants to express what they feel and here I am.
– The Blogger

The Chase by iamcookiemonster
The Crazy B!tch by kakakaraa
The Deceitful Kind of Love by twentysixcoe
The Diary of a Sophomore by bbyng101 :: synopsis
Sophomores..those second year students..
the so-called sophies... really want to know what they're life is all about?.. they handle they're being sophies??..
...then you oughtta read this...

The Emotional Freak by gothic_angel :: synopsis
Xaila's tragic life leads her to depression and loneliness. When she meets the right boy, will she learn to be positive about life? After all, a person can change our lives forever..

The Fallen Angel by devil_jazmin :: synopsis
Sometimes love is not enough for that person to stay longer on our side.
Sometimes love is not enough for that person to continue smiling.
Sometimes love is not enough for that person to prolong his living.
Sometimes love is not enough for that person to give everything what you have.

The Gangsters by JVSwagPlayah
The Girl Next Door by PseudoWriter:: synopsis
Luke Faris just move to a new town. Meeting new friends, struggling with new family and new bullies. And he's hoping to find something good in the town he's stucked in. Will he able to find his true love by meeting the Girl Next Door?

The Handsome Players.Terrence by Riri
The Keeper's Diary: First Love by prishaa.v :: synopsis
And she didn't notice she loved a boy very very much – than she loved herself.

The Lost Moon by lynne.lalalove
The Love Doctors by .ixe.02 & anonymous11
The Love I Found in You: Invisible Man by
The Matchmaker by bluePetaLblooms :: synopsis
Kung ipapakasal ang bestfriend mo sa isang gangster? Ok lang kung kasing gwapo naman ni Kenji ng SDTG, diba? Eh papano kung sa isang matandang hukluban na gangster siya makakasal? Mananahimik ka lang ba? O panahon na para maging matchmaker ka?

The Missing Piece by yana18
The Nerd and The Heartthrob by pinkstrawberries
The One Who Won My Heart by icedteagurl :: synopsis
A girl with many choices.. Her choices' option..
Who will be the one who will win her heart?

The Only Exception by missSHAKEspeare012
The Other Side by kakakaraa
The Perfect LIE (The History of Academy Continues) by chrisbliss :: synopsis
My name is Diosa Fortalejo, I am rich and powerful, I am beautiful and extremely high. I was in love, and he died. He died 2 years ago...
So as I thought...
But what if everything is just a lie?
In the world where he is the PRINCE, would I unravel his lie that stinks?

The Pinkywitch Project by kharyah :: synopsis
What if? Hindi pala ako ang bida ng story na ito? Babasahin mo parin ba? Siya nga pala may gusto ka bang ipagayuma? Ipakulam kaya? Carry iyon ng pinky powers ko. Basta bayad lang.

The Prince and the Hot Pauper by sQuirreL_tObee
The Princess and The Rock Star by bunnycupcake :: synopsis
One is a princess and one is a rock star. They are both studying at Ranford Academy when they met a guy that made their world fall apart. Will someone give in? What's more important? Love or your sister?

The Promise of Julian by louj_rose :: synopsis
When he promised his love to her, he will do everything in his power to stick with that promise...

The Queen Bee by iamyanna :: synopsis
Ashley Gabriel Morgan is probably one of the most envious girl you’ll ever meet. She’s Beautiful, Famous, a Fashion Icon, a Leader, Influential, Intelligent and everything else you can never be.

Beware of the Queen Bee or else...

The Renewed Swan by Dakilang Procrastinator
The Saintielle Chronicles by Cartoonista
The Seventeenth Summer by swissheiress
The Starry Night by pa3ciajp :: synopsis
Before her second year of college started, Lorraine met this mysterious chatter online bearing the username ShadowFalls16. She never knew much about him, only that he goes to the same university as she does. Incidentally, she again meets an old friend, Jon who seem to fit ShadowFalls' profile. At the same course, she also meets this young new professor Mr Bryan James San Isidro who she always seems to bump into ever since their awkward meeting at the gym. But the real question is: Who is ShadowFalls and why is he stalking her and why does Fate always seem to intermingle Lorraine and Mr San Isidro?

The Story Of Us by mistress14
The Story Of Us by snoobiish.honiibear
The Tales of Loneliness by ella.ella.ella
The Thrill of the Impossible by fragilethorn :: synopsis
What if akala mo nasa'yo na ang lahat--luxury, friends, looks, and the title of being "Mr./Ms. Popular?" What if you're on the top of your own world? Will you have a long, long way to love?

The Transferee by hidden_writer
The Ugly Swan Turn Into A Beautiful Duckling by anime fanatic
The Unexpected & Unfinished Love by yhukie
The Unfailing Love by chuchie.
The Unknown Princess by iamwhoiammonica :: synopsis
Will you sacrifice your Happiness to be a PRINCESS?

The Wake-Up Call by prishaa.v:: synopsis
An epic story where you'll fall head over heels in love. Watch out for the Anti-Ran gang.

The Way I Loved You by simplyme24
The Way to a Princess' Heart by one.of.a.kind :: synopsis
About a girl named Pam who will live like a true fairytale princess. Will she have a happy ending?

This Is Where It Starts by Demisse08 :: synopsis

This Japanese Girl I Met by eyaaah :: synopsis
"Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over.”
Kieth Jasper met a half-Japanese girl named Jazel Yumi during his vacation. The truth is this girl's attitude is absolutely the opposite of his'. Will they be able to get along or they might just end up falling in love with each other?

To Be Continued by PapaM :: synopsis
If you're shopping for a happy ending and you couldn't find one, buy a box of To be Continued instead.

To Infinity and Beyond by yanexx
To My Boyfriend by curiosity kills
Today Was A Fairy Tale by ella.ella.ella :: synopsis
Ang swerte nga naman ni Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Pocahontas,Mulan, Wendy, Tiana, Alice, Giselle, Amina at ni Tinkerbell. Lahat sila, nakahanap ng Prince Charming nila. Eh ako kaya? Makakahanap pa?

Torn Hearts Diaries by valentinegirl_03 :: synopsis

True Love♥ by krza18
True Love, Waits by loveeelymhieee
Trust Me.. It's Love Unexpected by hannie
Tuldok by chinchin12 :: synopsis
Hanggang dito na lang ba talaga? (Based on a True story)

TwentyFour by PieceofCAKE.
Twin Love by supermanreturns & yhukie
Two Poles that Never Meet by animelover_hetty :: synopsis
"Will you ever find a true love if your heart was having trouble in choosing the right one for you???
How will you know that you choose the right one??
Is there really a rightone or do you really have to choose???

Join this journey in combining the TWO POLES THAT NEVER MEET....