Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Date The Rebel Or Suffer? by JVSwagPlayah
Deal? Sige Ba! by piarein
Dear Diary by gErLaLuZz :: synopsis
Justine writes everything in his diary. Pero ano nga ba talaga ang nilalaman ng diary ng lalaking ito? Ano ang mga sikretong nakapaloob dito? Ano ang manyayari kapag may nakabasa nito?

Dear Diary by iamcookiemonster
Déjà vu by mary_kate65
Destined To Love by onefivefour :: synopsis
How can someone, who has everything, want something more?

Destiny Decided to Play by .xialei.07 :: synopsis
Destiny decided to play a game but he didn't play by the rules, not knowing of the risks that may happen to the so called 'characters' of the game.
What would the characters do when they're not the one in control of their life? Would they fight destiny to create their own fate or would they just let him completely take over?

Diary ng Single ni Maya Fuentebella by bluePetaLblooms :: synopsis
Ito ay storya ng isang single na walang magawa sa buhay kaya gumawa na lamang ng Diary.. Gusto niyong basahin??? ^_____^

Dirty Fairytale by Zivheart
Disguised by jamielle :: synopsis
‘Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I love you dearly,
Will you accept me, too?’
unveil the truth
unveil the mysteries

Downtown Sky by kYut_angHeL :: synopsis
She lost everything because of her, to take her vengeance she has to be someone else.
When she almost got everything she planned, she then found out she was already stuck in between the reality and LOVE.
May magagawa pa kaya sya kung nalaman nyang iba ang nang yari sa past, na ang babaing kinamumuhian nya ay biktima rin?
Be with her as she goes to the path of Painful Love.

Dream to Reality by xannix28
Dylan's Lullaby by hanjooran