Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Last Drop by Cobaltblue_27
Letters♥ (of a torpe guy) by reginabianx :: synopsis
About secret admirer na natotorpe dahil maganda at matalino ang taong gusto nya. haaay.. buhay nga naman. kailangan bang matorpe porket hindi kayo pantay ng taong mahal mo? tsk tsk..

Letter to a Friend by sunriseatnoon
Let's Fall In Love Again by iamjamiie :: synopsis
The heart has its own memory, like the mind, and in it are enshrined the precious keepsakes of life.

Lie About Us by SGwannabe
Looking For A Job? Then, Be My Boyfriend for 100 Days by itsizza
Lost and Found by sophialeen13 :: synopsis
I’m in search of the person that saved my life
I’m in search of the person that will love me forever
But I never knew…

He’s beside me.

Lost Memories by AkoKrizzyy
Love Allergies by be happy
Love and Lineage by I am Aileen :: synopsis
Three things why Jess can't possibly be together with Ivan. First, she's just the best friend. Second, Ivan is purely of Chinese descent, while Jess is purely Filipino. Third, Ivan is courting her friend, with Jess acting as the middleman for the two before. Sure enough, it's not possible, right?

Love Contract by ILABU27
Love For Sale! by biancarnation
Love Game by gellie11
Love Or Career by Vendetta
Love Prospect. by kambalelongs (; :: synopsis
When you think everything seems right; you are actually wrong.

Love+Peace=Happiness [♥+peace=:)] by sQuirreL_tObee
Loved You Once, Love You Still by DreamJumper :: synopsis
Simple lang naman istorya ng buhay ko. I was born, grew up, learned, and loved. But because of this so-called 'love', I learned, grew up, and.. gave birth. Now I would have to live with this teenage crime, but, how?

Lovestory nina Marmol at Tabla by sheiny
Lovestruck 101 by supermanniyanexx :: synopsis
Storya ng pinakagwapong "No girlfriend since birth" na si Superman. Lol

Loving a Popular Actor by shana_san