Wednesday, February 25, 2009


A Beautiful Nightmare with Mr. Gangster by akane07sanne :: synopsis
Francine’s brother got involved in a gang, in which her brother lost the $250 000 necklace that the gang leader asked him to keep. And there’s only one way to pay him… To be his girl. What will happen if she fell in love with the gangster that she hated the most in the past?
A Bit Of My Reality by bby_jane257 :: synopsis
Opposites attract, right?
She admires a lot & loves deeply.She believes in Mr. Right.
Mr. Playboy:
He is quite, at the same time loud.He is arrogant & annoying.
A Chance by iamjamiie :: synopsis
I'm Mandy and I don't believe that "everybody deserves a second chance." No matter what, I'll never forgive the guy who broke my heart. Well, hopefully, I can keep my words.
A Devil in Her Heart by sQuirreL_tObee
A Jezebel's Revenge of Love by kiko_m
A January to Remember by JeAnnKhulet
AKKNAL (Abot Kamay Ko Na Ang Langit) by anime fanatic
A Lifetime For His Happiness by -xiArA-
A Little of Reality by dreamer07 & kailan24 :: synopsis
Will you continue wishing he was yours.. or give up the love you kept for a long, long time?
What if the one you truly love, who you believe is destined for you..LEAVES?? Will fate lead your hearts together again... OR ...will fate give you another man to love?
Will you continue to love someone even though you know... it's NOT right?
A Long Love Shot by Vendetta :: synopsis
Love is truly a long shot, but when they're forced to work together as punishment for a prank-gone-wrong, they find that falling in love might not be so impossible after all. Will opposites attract? Or will they repel?
A Playboy Forgot Playing, A Girl Learned to Love by mizty
A Promise in Batanes by bluePetaLblooms :: synopsis
Hunkie Taiwanese + Cutie Pinay + A Paradise = LOVE???
A Prophecy by jurie n distress
A Story Often Told by xaryn21
A Stupid Promise by lissy_14
A Tale To Tell by the quintessential icon
A Thing Called Forever by the ajms_yankee
Accidentally On Purpose by carlene27
Adventures of a Day Dreamer by arvie.017 :: synopsis
Now I will show you a glimpse of my reality, of what I really am. And it's all about meeting the man of my dreams.
Affinity by PseudoWriter
Agent 911 by Pochi. :: synopsis
He used to be somone obliged of protecting her.
Then one night came, when shooting stars suddenly fell from the dark sky...
She wished he would do it of his own free will.
Ah, Okay. by ella.ella.ella
Ai Uta (Song of Love) by yhukie
All I Ever Wanted by chocogal :: synopsis
The marauders and Lily are about to attend their 5th year at Hogwarts. What if the marauders had a princess? Would she be a nice additional to the marauders? And what if Remus fell in love with their princess?
Always and Forever by isalicious
Always Open The Bar by ckaichen & urinvisible
Ang Buhay ni Piggy Sasa by yanyan7192
Ang Superman ng Buhay Ko by isalicious :: synopsis
'Meet Enzo and Karlie, ang dalawang taong magpapakilig sainyo.
Another Goodbye by writerWannaBe :: synopsis
Anong gagawin mo pag nakita mo ang taong iniwan ka ng wala man lang pasabi? Matutuwa ka ba o magagalit sa kanya? Sasampalin mo o yayakapin? At mamahalin mo pa ba ulit siya o hindi na? Ano? Mamili ka. Kase ako..
Another Shot At Forever by PrettyBipolar :: synopsis
They say, love is sweeter the second time around. He thinks they are still meant to be together. She thinks it's not possible... anymore. A lot has happened between the two of them, yet tables are turning.

Could they have another shot at forever?
Apple Shampoo by michellex0x
Arrange Love by iamwhoiammonica :: synopsis
Arrange love? uso pa ba un? pero walang magagawa gusto ng parents namin na ipakasal ako sa taong pinakaayaw ko na naging taong pinakamahal ko :">
Are You My Dog? by leo valdez :: synopsis
I Am About To Fall Then He "FETCHED" Me.