Wednesday, February 25, 2009


5 Years of Blindness by jashasoriano :: synopsis

6 ways to make a girl say YES. by glimpseofsmile :: synopsis
This is a story about a girl who wants a guy to do the 6 ways for her. Why do you think it is that important to her? What will Sammy feel if she will discover that Els is just doing the 6 ways to get his ex-girlfriend back? What would happen between Els and Sammy after those 6 ways? Are they still going to be together? This is a story about love and life with full of lessons.

7 Ways guys Deal With Heartbreak by sQuirreL_tObee :: synopsis
After a massive break-up, Niko asked his tomboyish neighbor Everett for a help to cope up with heratbreak. He needs to move on for sixty days, unless, Everett will pledge back to a girl again.

10 Roses by Mahyool
12 Days Before Christmas by leeteuk :: synopsis
For five years Jaimei had an innocent crush on Herold, but this Christmas she plans on getting his heart. What she doesn’t know is that Herold already likes her, a year before she even met him. Herold goes to Jaimei's flower shop every year just to see her, but now he want Jaimei to see him the way he sees her. Both of them plans on getting the other fall in love with them 12 days before Christmas.

14 Shades of Grey by meisnobody
30 Days with Mr. Arrogant by sQuirreL_tObee
55th Way to Love Him by reginabianx :: synopsis
"it is about a loud girl na makakakilala ng isang annoying guy. HAHAHA. may mga unexpected na mangyayari sa kanilang dalawa and may mga ways na gagawin si Sharmaine (the main character) para mapansin sya ng lubusan ng kanyang crush/love na si Lawrence. Hind malinaw kung sino ang magkakatuluyan sa huli. dahil may eextrang another characters na dapat abangan! ;)"