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Camera by dkdc :: synopsis
This is a story of a girl who keeps a big secret: She's a famous singer, but shows up to be very average to hide her super identity. Everything's fine, until she meets her co-star on his school tour in her school, who turns out to be annoying.

Calling You by aning! :: synopsis
One love. Two people. A hundred phone calls and reasons to stay away from each other.

Can You Keep A Secret? by OtakuGurL :: synopsis
AC, an artist, who was disguising herself as a nerd. What would be her life if her secret was revealed?

Can't Stop, Won't Stop by akoposidaph
Carlieylle Academy by ilabtsokoleyt
CATCH ME by itsJiezelm :: synopsis
If only he sees me the way I see him, I'll be the luckiest girl in the world...

Change by ella.ella.ella
Change of Heart by vermouth :: synopsis
The strong became weak, the genius became stupid, the brave became a coward; it happens because of one thing: they fall in LOVE. Love can change all. But the question is, are those changes that will happen better or worst?

Chasing Cat and Mouse by CorrectionFluid :: synopsis
Sino ang PUSA?
Sino ang DAGA?
Sa habulan ng Pagibig ...
Sino ang unang manginginig?

Chasing Miss Perfect by kymshie
Cheater vs. Man-hater by Czaaa
Cheater's Heart by iamwhoiammonica :: synopsis
"She's my enemy but something change and that something make me fall to her"

Cherish You by mistress14 :: synopsis
Si Serah Cristobal ay isang Christian Girl. She has a strong faith towards Jesus Christ. Pero isang araw may pagsubok na dumating sa buhay niya. Will she stay strong or not?

Chimes by risque :: synopsis
Emily Maven is capital D-E-A-D, or at least that’s what the Grim Reaper tells her. Thing is, she has no idea why, how, and whodunit. Will she put the pieces together and be finally whisked to heaven—or hell (probably hell)—or will she be forever stuck in limbo?

Complicated Love Life by dumbprincess
Confessions of a True Blue Nerd by CorrectionFluid :: synopsis
Handa na ata akong talikuran ang lahat ... Iaalay ko sa kanya ang mga meteors sa buong kalangitan Ibibigay ko sa kanya lahat ng pating sa buong karagatan Ireregalo ko sa kanya pati asteroids sa buong kalawakan Tatawirin ko agad pati na lahat ng lupain at kabundukan .. Malaman ko lang ang kanyang pangalan. <3

Could It Be: Your First is not Always Your Last? by ayanne
Created For Him by ^^niel20 :: synopsis
Maaga akong namulat sa katotohanang si Caspian ang magiging asawa ko. I will be train to be the perfect wife for him.

Crossing the Bridge by clodsstarrr
Crossroads by farzymae12_lp


5 Years of Blindness by jashasoriano :: synopsis

6 ways to make a girl say YES. by glimpseofsmile :: synopsis
This is a story about a girl who wants a guy to do the 6 ways for her. Why do you think it is that important to her? What will Sammy feel if she will discover that Els is just doing the 6 ways to get his ex-girlfriend back? What would happen between Els and Sammy after those 6 ways? Are they still going to be together? This is a story about love and life with full of lessons.

7 Ways guys Deal With Heartbreak by sQuirreL_tObee :: synopsis
After a massive break-up, Niko asked his tomboyish neighbor Everett for a help to cope up with heratbreak. He needs to move on for sixty days, unless, Everett will pledge back to a girl again.

10 Roses by Mahyool
12 Days Before Christmas by leeteuk :: synopsis
For five years Jaimei had an innocent crush on Herold, but this Christmas she plans on getting his heart. What she doesn’t know is that Herold already likes her, a year before she even met him. Herold goes to Jaimei's flower shop every year just to see her, but now he want Jaimei to see him the way he sees her. Both of them plans on getting the other fall in love with them 12 days before Christmas.

14 Shades of Grey by meisnobody
30 Days with Mr. Arrogant by sQuirreL_tObee
55th Way to Love Him by reginabianx :: synopsis
"it is about a loud girl na makakakilala ng isang annoying guy. HAHAHA. may mga unexpected na mangyayari sa kanilang dalawa and may mga ways na gagawin si Sharmaine (the main character) para mapansin sya ng lubusan ng kanyang crush/love na si Lawrence. Hind malinaw kung sino ang magkakatuluyan sa huli. dahil may eextrang another characters na dapat abangan! ;)"


A Beautiful Nightmare with Mr. Gangster by akane07sanne :: synopsis
Francine’s brother got involved in a gang, in which her brother lost the $250 000 necklace that the gang leader asked him to keep. And there’s only one way to pay him… To be his girl. What will happen if she fell in love with the gangster that she hated the most in the past?
A Bit Of My Reality by bby_jane257 :: synopsis
Opposites attract, right?
She admires a lot & loves deeply.She believes in Mr. Right.
Mr. Playboy:
He is quite, at the same time loud.He is arrogant & annoying.
A Chance by iamjamiie :: synopsis
I'm Mandy and I don't believe that "everybody deserves a second chance." No matter what, I'll never forgive the guy who broke my heart. Well, hopefully, I can keep my words.
A Devil in Her Heart by sQuirreL_tObee
A Jezebel's Revenge of Love by kiko_m
A January to Remember by JeAnnKhulet
AKKNAL (Abot Kamay Ko Na Ang Langit) by anime fanatic
A Lifetime For His Happiness by -xiArA-
A Little of Reality by dreamer07 & kailan24 :: synopsis
Will you continue wishing he was yours.. or give up the love you kept for a long, long time?
What if the one you truly love, who you believe is destined for you..LEAVES?? Will fate lead your hearts together again... OR ...will fate give you another man to love?
Will you continue to love someone even though you know... it's NOT right?
A Long Love Shot by Vendetta :: synopsis
Love is truly a long shot, but when they're forced to work together as punishment for a prank-gone-wrong, they find that falling in love might not be so impossible after all. Will opposites attract? Or will they repel?
A Playboy Forgot Playing, A Girl Learned to Love by mizty
A Promise in Batanes by bluePetaLblooms :: synopsis
Hunkie Taiwanese + Cutie Pinay + A Paradise = LOVE???
A Prophecy by jurie n distress
A Story Often Told by xaryn21
A Stupid Promise by lissy_14
A Tale To Tell by the quintessential icon
A Thing Called Forever by the ajms_yankee
Accidentally On Purpose by carlene27
Adventures of a Day Dreamer by arvie.017 :: synopsis
Now I will show you a glimpse of my reality, of what I really am. And it's all about meeting the man of my dreams.
Affinity by PseudoWriter
Agent 911 by Pochi. :: synopsis
He used to be somone obliged of protecting her.
Then one night came, when shooting stars suddenly fell from the dark sky...
She wished he would do it of his own free will.
Ah, Okay. by ella.ella.ella
Ai Uta (Song of Love) by yhukie
All I Ever Wanted by chocogal :: synopsis
The marauders and Lily are about to attend their 5th year at Hogwarts. What if the marauders had a princess? Would she be a nice additional to the marauders? And what if Remus fell in love with their princess?
Always and Forever by isalicious
Always Open The Bar by ckaichen & urinvisible
Ang Buhay ni Piggy Sasa by yanyan7192
Ang Superman ng Buhay Ko by isalicious :: synopsis
'Meet Enzo and Karlie, ang dalawang taong magpapakilig sainyo.
Another Goodbye by writerWannaBe :: synopsis
Anong gagawin mo pag nakita mo ang taong iniwan ka ng wala man lang pasabi? Matutuwa ka ba o magagalit sa kanya? Sasampalin mo o yayakapin? At mamahalin mo pa ba ulit siya o hindi na? Ano? Mamili ka. Kase ako..
Another Shot At Forever by PrettyBipolar :: synopsis
They say, love is sweeter the second time around. He thinks they are still meant to be together. She thinks it's not possible... anymore. A lot has happened between the two of them, yet tables are turning.

Could they have another shot at forever?
Apple Shampoo by michellex0x
Arrange Love by iamwhoiammonica :: synopsis
Arrange love? uso pa ba un? pero walang magagawa gusto ng parents namin na ipakasal ako sa taong pinakaayaw ko na naging taong pinakamahal ko :">
Are You My Dog? by leo valdez :: synopsis
I Am About To Fall Then He "FETCHED" Me.


Babaero Incorporated by johnny_madrid :: synopsis
Story about two main protagonist with two separate stories, Richard and Candace. At the same time insights into the minds of babaeros, and why they are so, and cardinal rules amongst guys that should never be shared with girls para hindi mahuli na may ibang chics.

Bahala na si Batman! by curiosity kills
B'coz of PARUSA by bianx1702
Be My Princess by Haruka_08 :: synopsis
Not all fairytales with a princess have only one prince... Sometimes, there are five... Five incredibly handsome princes.

Beautiful Liar by Ms. Brightside :) :: synopsis
Lies - Its contagious, Unbearable and it has to be plausible.
It all started with a little white lie, then everything changed. Like, EVERYTHING.

Beautiful Girl's Agony by yanyan7192
Because of Love by dumbprincess :: synopsis
And for this battle, i learned one thing: People will do everything.. anything..
Because Of Love.

Behind that Tinted Glass by mikan35
Belle Femme by SJRegina :: synopsis
BeA has been living 2 identities for the past 3 years. How could she cope up with all the stress of hiding her secret, along with the effort to yearn for justice, and the struggle of deciding on which life she shall only choose.

Better Than Better Could Ever Be by thatprettyghoul
BITTERSWEET by hg bueno :: synopsis
I met him in the weirdest way..
To get to know him was through accident..
And to fall in love with him was... fated?

Bittersweet Memories by Tonee Hilario :: synopsis
Hindi makukumpleto ang isang araw nila Tori at Aaron nang hindi nag-aaway o nagsasagutan. Paano kung isa sa kanila ay mahulog sa isa? May possibility ba na maging happy ending ang tandem na ToRon kung lagi naman silang nag-aaway at itong si Aaron ay ubod naman ng landi?

Blackmail Love by cria :: synopsis
Yuna is a cool, taray queen, bully queen and of course a "BLACKMAILER" of the campus. She can do whatever she wants, she gets what she wants. Pero, what if dumating ang karma nya nang hindi inaasan? What if one day bumaliktad mundo nya -- lahat ng ginagawa nya sa kapwa nya, eh sa kanya naman ngayon bumalik?

Blinding Lies by jheyemm08 :: synopsis
A husband and I wife; a perfect family
A once happy life
A beautiful dream turns into a nightmare of lies and pains

Blog by mikaayre
Blog: The Pianist's POV by mikaayre :: synopsis
Piano Boy's point of view about his feelings for two girls, his dream girl and his ideal girl. Counterpart of BLOG.

Borrowed Heart by Annabeth
Bow by xjheavybokz
Boyfriend Material by ~ MissEy14
Boyfriend's Single Corner by Yushee :: synopsis
There is a girl named Farah, craving for her own happiness until she discovered a store where she can fulfill her dreams. How can Farah play this game? Is it happy ending or not?

Boy's sucks! by backoffdudez :: synopsis
Sa milyung-milyong babae na nakakasalamuha natin araw-araw hindi lahat sila ay nabibiyayaan ng magandang wakas sa buhay pag-ibig. Ayun nga sa mga fairytales na nababasa't napapanood natin 'and they lived happily ever after' ang palaging nakaabang sa dulo. Pero hindi ganoon ang buhay, dahil ang totoong mukha ng buhay ay hindi parin natin maitatanggi na bibihira nalang talaga ang nakakaranas ng true happy ending sa buhay pag-ibig nila ngayon.

Breath of Fate by jheyemm08 :: synopsis
How far would you go in the name of love?
everyone has its own fate, has its own road to walk into.
but what if yours is destined to be apart from the very one you love?
would you just stand still and let it flow according to plan?
or would stand against the "Breath of Fate"?

Broken Pieces by janaBEB :: synopsis
What if the one you love left you? Because of a one mistake that you did?
Can you sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of his freedom or chase the one you love for your own happiness?

Buo by Libby
Burden of a Mistake by jheyemm08 :: synopsis
What would you do when one day, you find out you were pregnant and the father of your baby
was suddenly gone? It's hard, isn't it? So what if suddenly everyone turns their back on you because of your situation?
Could you carry the BURDEN OF A MISTAKE?

Buried Yesterdays by mediumvioletred :: synopsis
A story of two lovers who were fooled by fate...
But is their love strong enough to outwit providence in its own game?

"Break the Casanova's Heart" Operation by alyloony :: synopsis
A story of an ordinary girl, whom, one day, was given a task to break the heart of the GREAT CASANOVA of their school. She signed a contract and in the contract it states the ten things she must do to break the casanova's heart and the one and only rule she must abide.


Date The Rebel Or Suffer? by JVSwagPlayah
Deal? Sige Ba! by piarein
Dear Diary by gErLaLuZz :: synopsis
Justine writes everything in his diary. Pero ano nga ba talaga ang nilalaman ng diary ng lalaking ito? Ano ang mga sikretong nakapaloob dito? Ano ang manyayari kapag may nakabasa nito?

Dear Diary by iamcookiemonster
Déjà vu by mary_kate65
Destined To Love by onefivefour :: synopsis
How can someone, who has everything, want something more?

Destiny Decided to Play by .xialei.07 :: synopsis
Destiny decided to play a game but he didn't play by the rules, not knowing of the risks that may happen to the so called 'characters' of the game.
What would the characters do when they're not the one in control of their life? Would they fight destiny to create their own fate or would they just let him completely take over?

Diary ng Single ni Maya Fuentebella by bluePetaLblooms :: synopsis
Ito ay storya ng isang single na walang magawa sa buhay kaya gumawa na lamang ng Diary.. Gusto niyong basahin??? ^_____^

Dirty Fairytale by Zivheart
Disguised by jamielle :: synopsis
‘Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I love you dearly,
Will you accept me, too?’
unveil the truth
unveil the mysteries

Downtown Sky by kYut_angHeL :: synopsis
She lost everything because of her, to take her vengeance she has to be someone else.
When she almost got everything she planned, she then found out she was already stuck in between the reality and LOVE.
May magagawa pa kaya sya kung nalaman nyang iba ang nang yari sa past, na ang babaing kinamumuhian nya ay biktima rin?
Be with her as she goes to the path of Painful Love.

Dream to Reality by xannix28
Dylan's Lullaby by hanjooran


Faith in Fate by writerWannaBe :: synopsis
I loved her once. Love her still.
Always have. Always will.

Fall For Me... One More Time by ymegumi65
Fall For You by justice
Fall For Your Type by caisaanon :: synopsis
Izobel always falls for the same type; the same type who also broke her heart.

Fantasies Do Come True by violette`o9:: synopsis
I'm not quite sure if i love him/her.
All he/she is...

my fantasy.

Fat Love by purple_teenprincess
FiLo Never Dies by ms. murky
Fireworks by simplesentiments_moi :: synopsis
Her real Mr. Right is Mr. Right's Bestfriend.

First and Last dance by rayne d.s.r.m. :: synopsis
What would be the meaning of my first and last dance with him?

First Love by yanexx
Five Steps to win Him by Nixx_twonine
Forever and Always.♥ by junachoopxz
Forgotten Days by xaryn21
Friday The Thirteenth by ella.ella.ella.
Frog Princess: Ang Heartthrob at ang Pangit by dizzy gurl :: synopsis
Kwento ng isang Hopeless Romantic girl na nangarap makilala ang kaniyang Prince Charming. Ngunit mangyayari ba iyon lalong lalo na’t nabubuhay siya sa modernong panahon, kung saan mdalas ang PISIKAL NA ANYO ang basehan ng mga tao? Will she ever find her PRINCE despite that she’s not that typical oh-so-hot-and-gorgeous girl? Will she ever become a PRINCESS?

FULL MOON: Keira [A Werewolf Story] by Miss Taken :: synopsis
Keira Suzara was just an ordinary girl, that's what she thought before her parents and brother had told her their secret. A secret that she will have to face whether she likes it or not.


Each Time You grow up in my heart. by iloveseunggi
Ends Where It Started by Yurere :: synopsis
twist ba ng buhay ang gusto mo o gusto mong gawing komplicado?

Everyone's Hate by danny16
Everything Happens for a Reason by goldz_ravex
Ewan by phatomknight & RHAiN20
Ex-Convicts by ella.ella.ella
Expect the Unexpected by sheisinlove :: synopsis
Hate is just a thin line away from Love." Is there any possibilities that a Happy-ever-after-like story happens? Will they live in a world that full of hatred and heartaches? Or In a world that full of Love and happiness?


I Am Caught Between Goodbye and I Love You by imme
I am 'Maid' to your heart by Ramona
I Am The Other Girl by yanyan7192
I Courted Him by prom_princess08 :: synopsis
Alex, the teenage hilarious rebel, finally decided to court the man of his dreams, a very reserved, busy, and HOT guy, Drew.

I Hate My Future Wife by itstrish
I Hate You But I Love You by safers
I Kissed a Jerk by itsjiezelm :: synopsis
One night, Agatha was asked to kiss a stranger in a bar for an exchange of a favor. She didn't want to do it but she had no choice. Then, unexpectedly.. the guy she kissed began to like her since that night.

I Love You Kuya by roreyn :: synopsis
A story of a typical girl with a not so typical love problem. add up with her friends' love stories and you'll get a rollercoaster ride of your life with the cast and character of the story.

I Meant It When I Said "I do." by sheisinlove :: synopsis
A love story that failed to have a happy ever after. Both of them thought it will end that way. Until they learned they have been engaged a long, long time ago. May pag-asa bang mabuo ulit ang pag-ibig nila sa isa’t isa? May ‘happy ever after’ nga ba para sa love story nila?

I Never Thought by angelyka :: synopsis
Ang pagsasabi ba ng nararamdaman kong pag-ibig sa kanya ay sapat na upang aking isapalaran ang amin pagkakaibigan?

I Surrender by Ravishing Princess
I Wanted You by rizzabisbal
I Wish I Was What You Wanted by kakakaraa
I'll Always Love You by tinbloostar :: synopsis
A story of untold love story about being in love, family, friendship and self.

I'm a Hopeless Mother by jantastic :: synopsis
Alicia Rosales got pregnant by the love of her life who just decided to hook up with her sister.
Will she still find her happily ever after despite the big bulge on her tummy?

I'm a Man-Hater Right? by devil_jazmin
I'm Falling 4 Mr. BAD GUY.. Will he catch me? by purple_teenprincess
I'm Just an INVISIBLE EXTRA...or WAS by inlovewithromance:: synopsis
"In a big motion picture, para lang akong isang extra, kung saan ang buhay ay hindi importante sa main plot." Ako si Janiella Celene Pereja, a supposed "invisible extra", and I was perfectly happy with that. But, that all changed nung napasok siya sa buhay ko. He just had to drag me to his world of riches and popularity. And he just had to make me feel like this.

Idiocy by animechan :: synopsis
Let see how far you can go for a person..
How far your insanity towards a person can take you..
How far your idiocy can take you?
but maybe your idiocy can make HIM fall for you

Ikaw Lang Talaga by Inevitable.
Impossible by swissheiress
In Love With A Suicider by tsubasa14
Infatuation Sucks! by devoutcrucifix_32
Invisible by iamcookiemonster
Isang Linggong Pag-ibig by phantomknight
It Started With A Dare by michellx0x
It Started With A Text by callmecookie
It's Complicated by sammie019
It's You and I Forever by isalicious :: synopsis
Sequel to IWABY; last in the trilogy series.


Hate That I Love You by heidi.oink & its.h
Haunted House by ms. murky & its.h
He Finally Said I LOVE YOU by stupidrhee
He F*cked My Heart by itsJiezelm
He Opened My Eyes by the quintessential icon :: synopsis
Helga Azanith del Fierro. She's no ordinary girl. A professional killer. It's a part of their family's rule to not to fall in love. It's extremely prohibited. Let's see what will happen if she falls in love to certain guy.

He's A Gangster? by iamjamiie
He's a SHE? by ckaichen
He's NOT a VAMPIRE. He's MINE by sQuirreL_tObee
Heartbreak Academy by ~ MissEy14
Heaven's Playlist by patrickstar_05
Her FIRST... and His LAST...? by ~eenlieangadhe~
Her Memories by another_me :: synopsis
If forgiving is the hardest thing a man has ever done... Let me tell you something, man is surely wrong. Asking for forgiveness is definitely harder.

Forget. Remember. Forgive?

Hermione Granger and the Stone of Destiny by Autumn Green :: synopsis
She was just an ordinary girl in an ordinary village, an aspiring author in search of inspiration for her new work. Everyday she wished for something interesting to happen in her life even just for once. Finally one day her wish comes true, but a whole lot more than she expected.

Hey, Mr. Rockstar by thecagedDOLL
High School Diaries: Photograph by prishaa.v :: synopsis
Tatlo lang naman 'yan eh. Ang first love, ang true love, at ang great love.

High School Heartbreak by yumikoji. xLove :: synopsis
Meg is your typical teenage girl. Good grades, great friends and a happening life. But there’s one thing she’s still searching for – a love life. Will she finally learn the true meaning of the word “love” in high school?

Him or Him: Bestfriend vs. Suitor by paolaaa :: synopsis
It's the story of Natalie who will lately choose between her bestfriend, Seth, and her suitor, Sean.

His Last Seduction by ella.ella.ella
His Sad Songs by bluePetaLblooms :: synopsis
A gangster's love story.
A casanova's love story.
A bodyguard's love story.
A mentally-illed person's love story.
A stalker's love story.

Would you like to read about their stories....
And listen to their sad songs?

Hopeless Romantic by strawberry008
Hot and Cold by mishtee_07
How To Deal by jashasoriano


Jokes are Half-Meant by NoNieSah :: synopsis
"When I say JOKE, it is true."

Minsan, pag kinakatok tau, nagagawa nating mag joke.
Lalo na kapag may pinapasaya tayong malungkot na tao.
Minsan rin, nagjojoke tau sa mga seryosong bagay.
Pero paano kung kailan tau seryoso, doon sila maniniwala na nagjojoke tau?

Journey to His Heart by khea~issh :: synopsis
I never wanted a perfect relationship, all I want is that a guy of my dreams be with me till the end of my journey.

Just A Dream by Sweet Pink_xX
Just Like Cupid by mary_kate65 :: synopsis
A story based on the great myth of Cupid and Psyche. With settings and characters of the modern-day world.

Just Married by kristinecorong
Just The Girl by :: synopsis
Istorya ng aso't pusang magkaklase. Ang isa sa kanila ay palihim na palang nahuhulog sa isa ngunit paano nya ito maipagtatapat kung ang iba naman ang alam ng isang minamahal nya? magulo ba? haha! basahin at kilalanin sina Joelle at Raylee!

Just The Way You Are by alyhs31 :: synopsis
Love: The most fun you can have without laughing.


Mahal Kita by el_fabolousa. :: synopsis
What would happen to Kendra's (main character)? Would she get the boy she had always loved? Read my story to find out!

Maldita Syndrome by michellex0x
Man On A Mission by untamed77angel :: synopsis
She only wanted to make a change and create her own name apart from her father’s shadows… but destiny had other plans for her. In her search for happiness, she ended up being pursued as a result. And they want her dead.

Manhater & Womanizer by Ohnana.
May Toyo Ang Utak Ko by yourshalalove :: synopsis
First book ng TL Ako Sa'Yo.
Ito ay tungkol sa isang natotoyong tutor na hindi makapaniwalang nahulog siya sa isang maldita.

Me and My Boy Toy?! by sQuirreL_tObeee
Meet Me Halfway by Czaaa
Meeting You Was Fate by candygirl10795
Melissa Corpus: Little Miss Obsessive by +kCee+ :: synopsis
Melissa is the chill, non-boy crazy, college-hating type. Well, up until she met Rick. The handsome and sweet guy from her Communication class. A story about secret crushes, college, cute classmates, and unmet expectations.

Message Sent ✓ by deerekimberly
Miracle on 28th Street by zsuzarg :: synopsis
What would you do if you have the chance to be with the one you love?
But what if, that chance is only because of a stupid game?
Would you still continue to play his game even if it breaks your heart to know that it could end anytime?
Sometimes, in love----miracles do happen. In their own time.

Miss Gang Leader by CIAM :: synopsis
Ang alam ko laging lalaki ang Gang Leader.. Pero kakaiba SIYA.. She change my opinion about gangs.. She changed me.. Miss Gang Leader changed everything about me..

Missing Pieces Equals 1 by paybwanseben
Mistaken Identity by janaBEB :: synopsis
What if you’ve been mistaken by someone who you are not?
Then all of those people accuse you into something you didn't do and a guy, fall in love with you coz you resemble his First Love. Will you pretend to be like her or stand on what you really are?

Mister Taken by kamillexxx :: synopsis
He's clearly taken. But some other girl took him away.

Ms. Friendly and the Aloof Guy by itspuppylove :: synopsis
Reika is a sweet and friendly girl to all ,except to Warren. When she's with him, she becomes the total opposite of herself. The worst part is when Warren asked her to teach him how to be sweet and caring in exchange of what he did to help her. Can she survive having him around her all the time? Can she accept him enough to let herself fall for him?

Ms. Perfect Meets Mr. Bad Guy by ~eenlieangadhe~
MU: What I Really Wanted by artJG_xiv :: synopsis
Ano ang naiisip mo kapag naririnig mo ang salitang MU? Naranasan mo na ba magkaroon ng ka-MU? ka-fling? Naranasan mo na bang masaktan dahil alam mo na wala kang karapatan kasi kailanman hindi nagkaroon ng "KAYO" kahit sobra mo na siyang mahal. TO all who has been involved into a Pseudo-relationship o ang tinatawag nating MU, this love story is for you guys. =)

Music of Our Hearts: Out Of My League by aishiteruhachi
My Beautiful Stranger by uniquechic029 :: synopsis
Rich Girl-Secret Agent Love Story (narrated in english)

My Best Friend is My Best Rival by xannix28
My Biggest Mistake by yancadx_23
My Cinderella Story by purple_teenprincess
My Cupido by yahk06 :: synopsis
She wished to see Cupid to ask for help about her lovelife. Would she see Cupid? Would Cupid help her?

My Fantasy is My Bestfriend's Fantasy Too by mysteriousgurl16
My Fictional Life by JaneF17 :: synopsis
Here is the Fictional Life story of Yuri Syrene Gonzales. A story that is far from her imaginations. Where her bestfriend's daughter ask her why she and her boyfriend broke up. "For you to have someone to call dad..." that's how she answer the kid.

My First Love by IBleedAureate :: synopsis
Like an old photograph, time can make a feeling fade. But the memories of a first love, never goes away..

Read more:,198350.510.html#ixzz1rmWUzFv6

My First True Love by sarza25 :: synopsis
Enter the world of love, compassion, and hate.

My Girlfriend is A Vampire by obelisk_0007 :: synopsis
Nerdy girl Rina may seem just an ordinary person, but she is actually a VAMPIRE! She's also crazy about a guy named Khael. Read the adventures [and heartbreak] of this crazy little vampire in My Girlfriend Is A Vampire!

My Guillotine by Posertibo :: synopsis
A story of a antagonist, Is she happy with her Guillotine? Or She's gonna find a love at a unexpected moment?

My Little Orphan by Serenity27
My Love Chance by aishiteruhachi
My Missing Piece by strawberry008
My Mystery Guy by prettyjenna14 :: synopsis
It's all bout a girl named Yami na nain-love sa kanya kapwa online gamer.

My One and Only by -minorin-
My Pink Bicycle by yhukie
My Playboy Prince by *Miel* :: synopsis
This is a story about a playboy who learned to tell his princess what he really felt. A story of a princess who learned to trust her prince. A story of a boy who taught his princess how to trust her feelings again. A story of a boy who put a light in two different princesses' lives. Three different story connected by destiny. Will the prince have the princess their dreaming?

My Sister's Diary by sato.rawr :: synopsis
If falling inlove would be the case.. I'm on it. Can Revenge heal every heart?

My Super Boyfriend by sQuirreL_tObee :: synopsis
It was Sami's 18th Birthday--naka-receive siya ng package mula sa tita niya as a gift. Pagbukas niya BOOM! May instant Super Boyfriend na siya. Gugustuhin niya ba o hindi? Lalo na't isa pala siyang lesbo. =_=

My SuperHEROINE by .ixe.02
My Ten Weeks With You by dreamer07 :: synopsis
Minsan, kahit gaano mo pa kamahal ang isang tao
Darating ang panahon na isusuko mo rin siya
Wala ka nang magagawa kundi bitawan at kalimutan siya

My Trip to the Philippines by ianne11 :: synopsis
Stefanie Hernandez is a cold-hearted, self-centered girl who always dream of going to Italy. She's supposed to be going to Italy but found herself stuck in her mother's homeland, the Philippines. What will happen to her? Will she be able to get a chance to Italy or will it be just A DREAM?

My Ultimate Boyfriend by CorrectionFluid :: synopsis
Ang mahiwagang tanong:
"A" or "Z" ?!
"A" kasi .. yun ang beginning.
"Z" kasi .. yun ang ending.
P.S. Mali pala, si Agent X44 na lang!

My Unfortunate Life by Ramona :: synopsis
In this world, there are really PEOPLE who are UNFORTUNATE. I think I’m one of them. Sad to say my name doesn’t fit being UNLUCKY. My name is FORTUNE but my life is full of UNFORTUNATE trials and adventures. Will I be lucky, just once in my life? I’m inviting you to read my story, to found out if I can be FORTUNATE.

My Unnoticed Love by Eliryx05 :: synopsis
We always run after the one we love but we never tried to look back to the one running after us.

My Untitled Story by meow meow
My Wicked Girl by annie_chris27 :: synopsis
Nakaranas ka na bang mainlove sa taong malayong malayo sa ideal girl/boy mo?!
Pwes ako .... OO!


Last Drop by Cobaltblue_27
Letters♥ (of a torpe guy) by reginabianx :: synopsis
About secret admirer na natotorpe dahil maganda at matalino ang taong gusto nya. haaay.. buhay nga naman. kailangan bang matorpe porket hindi kayo pantay ng taong mahal mo? tsk tsk..

Letter to a Friend by sunriseatnoon
Let's Fall In Love Again by iamjamiie :: synopsis
The heart has its own memory, like the mind, and in it are enshrined the precious keepsakes of life.

Lie About Us by SGwannabe
Looking For A Job? Then, Be My Boyfriend for 100 Days by itsizza
Lost and Found by sophialeen13 :: synopsis
I’m in search of the person that saved my life
I’m in search of the person that will love me forever
But I never knew…

He’s beside me.

Lost Memories by AkoKrizzyy
Love Allergies by be happy
Love and Lineage by I am Aileen :: synopsis
Three things why Jess can't possibly be together with Ivan. First, she's just the best friend. Second, Ivan is purely of Chinese descent, while Jess is purely Filipino. Third, Ivan is courting her friend, with Jess acting as the middleman for the two before. Sure enough, it's not possible, right?

Love Contract by ILABU27
Love For Sale! by biancarnation
Love Game by gellie11
Love Or Career by Vendetta
Love Prospect. by kambalelongs (; :: synopsis
When you think everything seems right; you are actually wrong.

Love+Peace=Happiness [♥+peace=:)] by sQuirreL_tObee
Loved You Once, Love You Still by DreamJumper :: synopsis
Simple lang naman istorya ng buhay ko. I was born, grew up, learned, and loved. But because of this so-called 'love', I learned, grew up, and.. gave birth. Now I would have to live with this teenage crime, but, how?

Lovestory nina Marmol at Tabla by sheiny
Lovestruck 101 by supermanniyanexx :: synopsis
Storya ng pinakagwapong "No girlfriend since birth" na si Superman. Lol

Loving a Popular Actor by shana_san


Kada InLove by jhz1827
Karma by cupiD_Love469 :: synopsis
KARMA is but a word, til the day I met him. He brought me to a world I thought would only exist in movies.

Keeping my Love by sato.rawr :: synopsis
They both kept their love, and loved the wrong person.

Kim Sun Ye is Dead by valentinegirl_03 :: synopsis
This is a story of a girl who doesn't know where she really lives. In real or in lies? In perfect or in disaster?And another question is, does L.O.V.E. comes her way? This is a STORY of LIFE not JUST LOVE.

Kiss The Girl by CIAM :: synopsis
I was KISSED while sleeping in a bookstore. And there are FOUR suspects. The MVP of the basketball team, The mysterious guy, The Friend ng Bayan and The Good looking Nerd. Who kissed me? Who's the CULPRIT?

Korning Love Letter by nyangcat
Kunwari Lang Pala by ella.ella.ella


Occupation:Yaya by Demisse08
Oh My Yaya by anntot:: synopsis
Tunghayan ang mala Ser Chef and Maya Story, yun nga lang ay kakaiba ang dalawang to sa paglalambingan.

Once Upon a Crime by .ixe.02
Once Upon A Time... by wannabe31
One Day by dinxx
One Last Dance by histrionicdeit :: synopsis
Dance brought us close, and dance kept us together. And if we'd be moving with one last dance, I swear I won't let that one last dance end.

One Last Song by tsubasa14 :: synopsis
Isang storya tungkol sa tatlong tao... at ang awit ng kanilang buhay. Ang magkapatid na Joshua at Alec na nagkahiwalay dahil sa kanilang mga magulang,, at patungkol din kay Lei, isang babaeng sinasabing "galit" sa musika. Isang storya patungkol sa kanilang di makakalimutang musika... na nagpadanas sa kanila ng kaligayahan, pagmamahal at lungkot.

One Winged Angel by andiiStar :: synopsis
Some of us need to accomplish a mission.. A mission to help us get our A-rank wings..
That “some of us” are called One Winged Angel.

OPERATION: Be The Number One Bully by Dreamy Author
Operation: Second Chance by kheemlim :: synopsis
"Nakita mong ikakasal ang kapatid mo sa babaeng mahal mo. Pero may magbibigay sa'yo ng ikalawang pagkakataon para maitama ang mga pagkakamali mo. Kapag hindi ka nagtagumpay, mamamatay ang babaeng mahal mo, kapag kumontra ka, mamamatay ang kapatid mo at ang babaeng mahal mo. Kapag nagtagumpay ka, mamamatay ang kapatid mo. Kaya mo ba?"


Raindrops by yana18
Reaching For You by dreammimashou :: synopsis
This is a story of a girl who watches her crush from afar, knowing that she'll never have a chance on him. But who knows?

Reaching You by alyloony :: synopsis
This is the story of Ren and Amber of My Prince after they left the Philippines and how their love story starts in London.

Reality Hits Me by strawberry008
Redriven by nabbiechan
Remembering My First Real Kiss by -xiArA- :: synopsis
May first kiss na ba kayo? AKO? HINDI KO ALAM!
Pero, considered bang first kiss kahit 'NAKALIMUTAN' mo na?
Well, siguro nga. First kiss ko na siya. But for me, he's not my first REAL kiss! Kasi hindi ko siya KILALA este MAALALA!

Reprisals of the Forgotten by mediumvioletred :: synopsis
Vengeance will be sought to the person who stole the forgotten’s possession. Death is inevitable.

Revenge, Love. by junachoopxz
Risk and Returns by cuddly.lyviel :: synopsis
Love is all about taking the risks and not minding its returns. Would Aianna be brave enough to take the risks and tell him how much she loves him? Or would she insist on keeping her feelings to herself and have a relationship with someone else?