Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Hate That I Love You by heidi.oink & its.h
Haunted House by ms. murky & its.h
He Finally Said I LOVE YOU by stupidrhee
He F*cked My Heart by itsJiezelm
He Opened My Eyes by the quintessential icon :: synopsis
Helga Azanith del Fierro. She's no ordinary girl. A professional killer. It's a part of their family's rule to not to fall in love. It's extremely prohibited. Let's see what will happen if she falls in love to certain guy.

He's A Gangster? by iamjamiie
He's a SHE? by ckaichen
He's NOT a VAMPIRE. He's MINE by sQuirreL_tObee
Heartbreak Academy by ~ MissEy14
Heaven's Playlist by patrickstar_05
Her FIRST... and His LAST...? by ~eenlieangadhe~
Her Memories by another_me :: synopsis
If forgiving is the hardest thing a man has ever done... Let me tell you something, man is surely wrong. Asking for forgiveness is definitely harder.

Forget. Remember. Forgive?

Hermione Granger and the Stone of Destiny by Autumn Green :: synopsis
She was just an ordinary girl in an ordinary village, an aspiring author in search of inspiration for her new work. Everyday she wished for something interesting to happen in her life even just for once. Finally one day her wish comes true, but a whole lot more than she expected.

Hey, Mr. Rockstar by thecagedDOLL
High School Diaries: Photograph by prishaa.v :: synopsis
Tatlo lang naman 'yan eh. Ang first love, ang true love, at ang great love.

High School Heartbreak by yumikoji. xLove :: synopsis
Meg is your typical teenage girl. Good grades, great friends and a happening life. But there’s one thing she’s still searching for – a love life. Will she finally learn the true meaning of the word “love” in high school?

Him or Him: Bestfriend vs. Suitor by paolaaa :: synopsis
It's the story of Natalie who will lately choose between her bestfriend, Seth, and her suitor, Sean.

His Last Seduction by ella.ella.ella
His Sad Songs by bluePetaLblooms :: synopsis
A gangster's love story.
A casanova's love story.
A bodyguard's love story.
A mentally-illed person's love story.
A stalker's love story.

Would you like to read about their stories....
And listen to their sad songs?

Hopeless Romantic by strawberry008
Hot and Cold by mishtee_07
How To Deal by jashasoriano