Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Babaero Incorporated by johnny_madrid :: synopsis
Story about two main protagonist with two separate stories, Richard and Candace. At the same time insights into the minds of babaeros, and why they are so, and cardinal rules amongst guys that should never be shared with girls para hindi mahuli na may ibang chics.

Bahala na si Batman! by curiosity kills
B'coz of PARUSA by bianx1702
Be My Princess by Haruka_08 :: synopsis
Not all fairytales with a princess have only one prince... Sometimes, there are five... Five incredibly handsome princes.

Beautiful Liar by Ms. Brightside :) :: synopsis
Lies - Its contagious, Unbearable and it has to be plausible.
It all started with a little white lie, then everything changed. Like, EVERYTHING.

Beautiful Girl's Agony by yanyan7192
Because of Love by dumbprincess :: synopsis
And for this battle, i learned one thing: People will do everything.. anything..
Because Of Love.

Behind that Tinted Glass by mikan35
Belle Femme by SJRegina :: synopsis
BeA has been living 2 identities for the past 3 years. How could she cope up with all the stress of hiding her secret, along with the effort to yearn for justice, and the struggle of deciding on which life she shall only choose.

Better Than Better Could Ever Be by thatprettyghoul
BITTERSWEET by hg bueno :: synopsis
I met him in the weirdest way..
To get to know him was through accident..
And to fall in love with him was... fated?

Bittersweet Memories by Tonee Hilario :: synopsis
Hindi makukumpleto ang isang araw nila Tori at Aaron nang hindi nag-aaway o nagsasagutan. Paano kung isa sa kanila ay mahulog sa isa? May possibility ba na maging happy ending ang tandem na ToRon kung lagi naman silang nag-aaway at itong si Aaron ay ubod naman ng landi?

Blackmail Love by cria :: synopsis
Yuna is a cool, taray queen, bully queen and of course a "BLACKMAILER" of the campus. She can do whatever she wants, she gets what she wants. Pero, what if dumating ang karma nya nang hindi inaasan? What if one day bumaliktad mundo nya -- lahat ng ginagawa nya sa kapwa nya, eh sa kanya naman ngayon bumalik?

Blinding Lies by jheyemm08 :: synopsis
A husband and I wife; a perfect family
A once happy life
A beautiful dream turns into a nightmare of lies and pains

Blog by mikaayre
Blog: The Pianist's POV by mikaayre :: synopsis
Piano Boy's point of view about his feelings for two girls, his dream girl and his ideal girl. Counterpart of BLOG.

Borrowed Heart by Annabeth
Bow by xjheavybokz
Boyfriend Material by ~ MissEy14
Boyfriend's Single Corner by Yushee :: synopsis
There is a girl named Farah, craving for her own happiness until she discovered a store where she can fulfill her dreams. How can Farah play this game? Is it happy ending or not?

Boy's sucks! by backoffdudez :: synopsis
Sa milyung-milyong babae na nakakasalamuha natin araw-araw hindi lahat sila ay nabibiyayaan ng magandang wakas sa buhay pag-ibig. Ayun nga sa mga fairytales na nababasa't napapanood natin 'and they lived happily ever after' ang palaging nakaabang sa dulo. Pero hindi ganoon ang buhay, dahil ang totoong mukha ng buhay ay hindi parin natin maitatanggi na bibihira nalang talaga ang nakakaranas ng true happy ending sa buhay pag-ibig nila ngayon.

Breath of Fate by jheyemm08 :: synopsis
How far would you go in the name of love?
everyone has its own fate, has its own road to walk into.
but what if yours is destined to be apart from the very one you love?
would you just stand still and let it flow according to plan?
or would stand against the "Breath of Fate"?

Broken Pieces by janaBEB :: synopsis
What if the one you love left you? Because of a one mistake that you did?
Can you sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of his freedom or chase the one you love for your own happiness?

Buo by Libby
Burden of a Mistake by jheyemm08 :: synopsis
What would you do when one day, you find out you were pregnant and the father of your baby
was suddenly gone? It's hard, isn't it? So what if suddenly everyone turns their back on you because of your situation?
Could you carry the BURDEN OF A MISTAKE?

Buried Yesterdays by mediumvioletred :: synopsis
A story of two lovers who were fooled by fate...
But is their love strong enough to outwit providence in its own game?

"Break the Casanova's Heart" Operation by alyloony :: synopsis
A story of an ordinary girl, whom, one day, was given a task to break the heart of the GREAT CASANOVA of their school. She signed a contract and in the contract it states the ten things she must do to break the casanova's heart and the one and only rule she must abide.